Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Mini Importation Master Guide

Mini Importation Master Guide


Importation business is the real deal right now that fetches me and other smart importers 6-7 figures every month. This business is not affected by the economic recession. You might have imported goods from abroad before, but importation business is beyond buying of goods online and bringing it to Nigeria. There is more to this business if you really want to join the winning team and I’m READY to TRAIN You from the beginning till you also make money from this business.

If you are not yet among the 8% of people that are already making money from Mini Importation Business then you need to do start right now as I’m throwing open a Mini Importation Master Guide(MIMG).

Importing is a highly PROFITABLE Business you can start with just N5,500.
I want to open your eye to this PROFITABLE business and give you my maximum support.

The MIMG is for you:
==>If you are tired of your daily 8am-5pm tasking job or you want a new business you can do alongside your current job.
==>If you are ready to change your level from zero to hero.
==>If you are unemployed, student, civil-servant, pastor, bankers, retired or you want to add to your source of income.
==>If you want to stop calling your relatives to send you money to pay your house rent, children school fee and to feed your family.
==>If you want to be totally FREE from financial crisis and be financially buoyant.

In this Guide, I will give you all info, no holds barred on:

===> How to start your mini importation business from the comfort of your home in less than 12hours with just N5,500 and grow it up to N150,000 to N300,000 and even millions in a month.
===> Complete process to access the selected genuine portal you can use to buy product conveniently at the CHEAPEST PRICE you can ever imagine.(Forget alibaba, aliexpress and the likes)

===> Step by step procedure to order for goods, ranging from appliances and gadgets to clothing and women’s hair accessories, to smart phones, jewelries etc conveniently, in bulk and at rock-bottom funny prices.

===> List of hot products that sell like crazy here in Nigeria and how you can also research hot in demand product that would sell within a week.(I will give you list of top 7 products that sell MADLY).

===> 7 powerful tactics to sell fast and costly mistakes you must avoid if you don’t want to waste your money.

===> How to partner with 4 giant e-commerce company (Konga, Jumia, Kaymu, Dealdey) in Nigeria with over 50millions buyers that are ready to buy your product for any amount you stated and even say ‘thank you’..

===> My 2 powerful steps to source and identify credible supplier for your products and how to identify/avoid low quality product.

===> List of reputable companies that will help you to handle your shipping and clearing without additional cost nor custom wahala.

===> How to import product of $1 - $5 and resell for 400% - 700% PROFIT without leaving the comfort of your home.

===> How to use an approved ESCROW payment system that only allow your supplier to be paid when you confirm the delivery of your product and you are pleased with it.

===> SECRETS to beat price from the supplier and pay 60% lesser than the real price others pay for the same product.

===> How to get free shipping from most sellers and get it deliver to you here in Nigeria within 24-48hours (No delay).

===> How to describe the exact product you want your supplier to send to you.
===> Best approach to market your imported products from the comfort of your room and sell fast within a twinkle of an eye.

===> How to market via Facebook Ads, Twitter and Instagram with powerful results...

All these and more for just N1,000.

These Guide will help you succeed quick.
Even if you are into Importation business or you've bought some manuals before, you still need this Guide because it contains the latest information and there are lots of Secrets inside these Ebook Guide.

If you order now, we will give you extra two ebooks on Mimi Importation written by successful importers.

To Order, Pay N1,000 into Our Bank Account Below;

Bank: Access Bank.
Account Name: Legal Business Ventures.
Account Number: 002-9273-796.

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, Teller Number, Email Address and amount paid to 08138458108 or 08022845523.

We will send the package to you via email as soon as we confirm your payment.

08022845523, 08138458108

50 MCC Road, Owerri, Imo State.
08138458108, 08022845523

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Skill Acquisition Tutorials

Soap And Over 198 Essential Items Ebook Tutorials 
Dear Friend,

Laundry, Bar And Other Forms Of Soap, Dettol, Izal, Condensed Milk, Paint, Mosquito Coil, Hair Relaxer/Shampoo, Super Glue/Adhesives, Wood Polish, Finisher etc.. are among the widely needed household items that we all crave for even if we are damn broke. The good news remains that you can start the production of these items with as low as N2000 and make up to N50,000 within few days. I will prove this to you instantly.

Don't wait on our government, start doing something today. Stop being idle, start doing something today especially now that the country's economy is down, you won’t regret this engagement.

For dropping by, just ask me for your FREE gift copy of "Awakening The Giant Within" if you want to be motivated to success, you will enjoy the book, specially prepared to gear and motivate one towards success and actions that pay.

if you requested for a manual on the production of several industrial, commercial and home-use products like: Bar Soap, Shampoo, Relaxer, Insecticide, Condensed milk, Paint and up to more 1000 other items. The manuals is available with several bonuses like:

(1)How To Get Loan Without Collateral

(2) 2000 Lists, Names, Phone numbers of Importers and Exporters ready to enlist you as an agent and distributor.

(3) Complete Fish, Snail, Grass-cutter farming Tutorial.

(4) How To Get NAFDAC approval without stress and other valuable Do It Yourself Tutorials.

These things are stuffed in the package with every step by step guide on how to make these items yourself; We are giving you the whole packages including the bonuses.

The package has manual, complete pictorial guides and directives, clearly presented. You will marvel upon receipt. 

To get the Manuals and all the bonuses,

Pay N2,000 into Our Bank Account Below;

Bank: Access Bank.
Account Name: Legal Business Ventures.
Account Number: 002-9273-796.

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, Teller Number, Email Address and amount paid to 08138458108 or 08022845523.

We will send the package to you via email as soon as we confirm your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can i pay through ATM transfer?
A: Yes, you can pay through ATM transfer.

Q: Is it a current account?
A: Yes, it is a current account.

Q: Will i get the package through courier service or will it be in downloadable format?
A: The manual is in electronic format, downloadable and this makes it easy to carry it along even on transit provided you have internet driven device.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Over the past few months, I've been sharing tips on how to make money online with little or no capital.
Would you like to make money faster than you spend it?
Would you like to learn an online business model that can make this possible?
Then “Affiliate Marketing” is your best solution if you are serious about making money online.

DUE to the economic mess we are in, it will be better if all of us especially the youths can start earning in dollars. In view of this I will be introducing affiliate marketing to whoever cares to listen and practice it.

Affiliate network marketing is a kind of digital market where you collect products online and make sales on them; the amount of money you could make depends on the numbers of quantity of products you can sell.

We are giving away 21 PLR ebooks on Affiliate Marketing.
In this eBooks you will learn:
  • How the affiliate marketing model works.
  • How you can get started even if you have zero experience.
  • Profitable affiliate programs that you can join today.
  • Secret tips and tricks of affiliate promotion.
  • How to get paid from your hard work. and so much more


Below is the List of Affiliate Marketing Ebooks you are going to get.
1). Affiliate Compass
2). Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook
3). Affiliate Marketing Power
4). Affiliate Marketing Profits Unleashed
5). Affiliate Money Machine 1
6). Affiliate Review Riches Exposed
7). Affiliate Marketing
8). Affiliate Marketing Revealed
9). Affiliate Money Machine 2
10). Become an Affiliate Marketing Master
11). Beginner’s Guide To Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Marketing
12). Big Affiliate Marketing Pay Days
13). Build eBay Affiliate Stores in Less Than 30 Minutes
14). Easy Affiliate Marketing
15). Finding The Best Affiliate Products to Promote
16). Successful Affiliate Strategies
17). Super Affiliate Marketing Edges
18). Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets
19). The Expert Guide To Affiliate Marketing
20). Top Affiliate Tactics
21). Winning The Affiliate War

PS: I want to remind you as usual that procrastination is a serious problem. Don't wait until you have all the time or resources before you start any online business because all the time will never be there. Most of my mentees are doing greatly today because they make hay while the sun is still shining.

To Order, Pay N2,000 into Our Bank Account Below; 

Bank: Access Bank.
Account Name: Legal Business Ventures.
Account Number: 002-9273-796.

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, Teller Number, Email Address and amount paid to 08138458108 or 08022845523.

You can also pay into any of the e-accounts below;

Payza (chidoziesilas@gmail.com) =$7

PerfectMoney (U8393382 (chidozie)) =$7

Bitcoin (WALLET ID: 1Db3h19U8Y3ZguALQqdXxqazY3uJYP4V7m) =$7